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January 15, 2015

The Way the Bunny Hops | Easter Songs for Children

It’s This is the Way the Bunny Hops! An Easter song for children!

This is the Way the Bunny Hops song is made easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach. It uses simple words and is done at a pace young children can follow and sing along too!

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This is the Way the Bunny Hops Lyrics:
This is the way the bunny hops, hop hop hop, hop
hop, hop, hop
This is the way the bunny hops on Easter day

This is the way he wiggles his nose, wiggle. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
This is the way the bunny wiggles his nose on Easter day

This is the way he flops his ears, flop, flop, flop. flop
flop, flop, flop
This is the way he flops his ears on Easter day

This is the way he shakes his tail, shake, shake, shake, shake
shake, shake, shake
This is the way he shakes his tail on Easter day

This is the way the bunny hops, hop hop, hop, hops
hop, hop, hop
This is the way the bunny hops on Easter day
On Easter day
Song: This is the Way the Bunny Hops!
Music: Kiboomu Kids Songs
Animation: Subcutaneo
Vocals & Arrangement: Christopher Pennington

January 15, 2015

Basketball Moves To Get Past Defenders: Derrick Rose Pro Hop

Basketball Moves To Get Past Defenders: Derrick Rose – Free Workout

This video cover one of my favorite basketball moves of all time. I love the pro hop because when used properly you can get yourself and easy layup when otherwise you would be shooting very difficult floater or something over a help defender. This is a great move for guards of all sizes. Even post players that can master this move can use it to their advantage to score against slower defenders.

The proper way to execute these basketball moves is to attack in one direction and then jump off one foot and change directions in the air to make a big jump stop past the help defenders. It is important with all basketball moves that you don’t do anything that will make the refs call travel or any other kind of violation. That is why it is important that you land on 2 feet every time you use this move.

There are alot of NBA players that use this move but the one player that I think of first is Derrick Rose. He loves this move and since he is so explosive he can really create alot of distance with his pro hop which make the move even more effective for him and I dont know about you but I love to watch Derrick Rose play and hope he can comeback from injury once again.

Make sure you check out my channel as I have a ton of other basketball moves for guards on there and other tutorials.

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January 15, 2015

When to Harvest your Hops – BobbyfromNJ

The biggest mistake new growers make is getting too anxious and harvesting all their hops before they are ready. Don’t waste all your efforts by jumping the gun. The intent of this video is to show hop flowers at three stages of development; too young, too old, and just right. It’s not an exact science so I ramble on about the four senses you have to combine to figure out when it’s time.
January 15, 2015

Trust Hops – Rilla Hops – Parkour | Freerunning

We made a partner video back when we first started Rilla Hops, so this year we decided to make a second one and go a lot bigger with it. Bamboo sticks, catapults, push precisions, hand precisions, basket tosses, all kinds of craziness.

Produced by Caleb Iuliano

Caleb Iuliano
Niki Whalen
Gareth Norvell
Jimmy Pareirra
Lorean Abreu
Victor Perez
Daniel Ortiz
twitter: @rillahops
instagram: @rillahops

January 15, 2015

Summary 2014: We Are The Warriors – Rilla Hops – Parkour | Freerunning

This has been a crazy year. Mega progression, tons of friends made, so much travel. This is our 2014. We have some sick projects prepping for 2015. Its gonna come in with a bang. We want to thank everyone who has supported us and everyone who joined us on our journey at any time this year. Collectively we hit Spain, England, Canada, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, California, Colorado, Tennessee, and probably a few more places. This has been such a fun year. Ready to go even harder in 2015.

Final Summary 2014 Product Produced by Caleb Iuliano
Videos Throughout The Year Produced by Caleb Iuliano, Lorena Abreu, and Gareth Norvell

Rilla Hops:
Caleb Iuliano
Gareth Norvell
Niki Whalen
Lorena Abreu
Victor Perez
Daniel Ortiz
Jimmy Parreira
twitter: @rillahops
instagram: @rillahops

January 15, 2015

Nothing But Tricks – Rilla Hops – Parkour | Freerunning

We don’t have the biggest or craziest tricks but we do what we want so here us doing tricks, flip pres and shit enjoy :p

– Gareth Norvell
– Victor Perez
– Caleb Iuliano
– James Perreira
– Daniel Ortiz
– Niki Whalen
twitter: @rillahops
instagram: @rillahops

January 15, 2015

Low-Trellis, Organic Hops Production – Brian Tennis, MI

Brian Tennis owns and operates New Mission Organics hops farm near Traverse City, Michigan. He raises low trellis, organic hops. He also processes and markets hops. Learn about this SARE project here:
January 15, 2015

17 Year Old Phenom Athlete With 68 Inch Hops And 4.4 Speed “Chris James” —- Instantly Run Faster For Free

Chris James is a high school running back at Notre Dame in Niles, Illinois. Chris has been fortunate to run a 4.37 40 yard dash, and have a 38 inch vertical jump.

Through specific speed training, and jump training workouts he has come a long way to increase his overall athleticism. He has become one of the top running backs in the country.

@CantB3Stopped —– CJ’s Twitter

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January 15, 2015

Harvesting Home Grown Hops or How to harvest mature hops, what to look for and how to dry hops for brewing beer. Harvesting them from the bine, squeezing hops, smelling hops.
January 10, 2015

Growing & harvesting hops for craft beer brewing – Hopping for Brew

Best Documentary Award at 2013 Wildwood Film Festival, this is a story about the renewed efforts to grow hops in Wisconsin, the groups & cooperatives supporting these new growers, and the distribution of locally grown hops to craft brewers around the state. The story goes from the roots (rhizomes) to the 30′ plants filled with bitter bud that are processed and distributed to brewers for making beer.

Participants in this video include Simple Earth Hops, folks from the Wisconsin Hop Exchange, Gorst Valley Hops, The Grumpy Troll Brewery, Vintage Brewing Co, and a fun little song I found to end it with from Beatnik Turtle (Beer Beer Beer at