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WOLF: Modern Hop Harvesting

Harvesting, Drying, Conditioning – Today's hop harvesting must got a state-of-the-art equipment far better compared to before. Makers provided simply for this item array enable a specialist harvesting and assure Hallertauer hop top quality valued worldwide.

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When to Harvest your Hops – BobbyfromNJ

The greatest error new growers make is obtaining as well anxious as well as gathering all their jumps prior to they prepare. Don't lose all your efforts by beating the gun. The intent of this video is to reveal jump blossoms at three phases of development; as well young, too old, as well as perfect. It's not a specific scientific research so I ramble on about the 4 detects you need to incorporate to find out when it's time.

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Sixpoint SENSI HARVEST Wet Hops

With SENSI HARVEST the Mad Scientists take a trip to the hop fields of Yakima, WA, to participate in the breathtaking yearly hop-harvest. After that tip inside the containers as fresh picked cones meet the brew much less than 24-HOUR after harvest, in a procedure referred to as "wet-hopping". This short film records the field-to-table trip to produce a harvest special.

" Paid by the Word." by The Bell Cycle ()
" Mongo Bongo" by krackatoa ()

Unique Thanks: The Smith Family & BT Loftus Ranches, Hop Union, Golding Farms, Barth-Haas

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